May 7, 2012

Moment to be remember

It's been a very long time till this post is out. I'm in mood of writing now. At least. So, hai hye hey hello all. Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Now in May. Students cramping their mind for test, exam, all sorts of presentation and so me. Report submission on 21st May. Arghh. Hate the date. Have been leaving studying as a medical student for almost a year. Opss opss. I am not being suspended okay. Dont you dare to think like that. I'll probably kill you ! Hahaha. I chose to be here. I'm happy and glad to be here. Kau hado ? Of course takde kan. Here are only 17 of us here. Dare to accept challenge. Believe in oursellf that we could be a different person. A multitalented person maybe. InsyaAllah. 

Who says you are not good if you are not joining us ? Korang pun hebat apa. Going to 4th year dah in a few months time? Oh my senior-going-to-be. I love you. Will missing all of you. The moment we are together in the class. Marathon to the class when wake up late. Sleeping in the lecture hall during PHPM. Sit together and help each other during the night before progress test. Going back home before audit started.  Skip histology lab and went to pantry for gossiping. And the favourite dialog is, 
" Hey, kau ponteng  lab ! " *padahaldirisendiripunpontengjugak*. Too much to be told !

About 3 years ago, we are in a feeling like, "OMG ! it's going to be 5 years. Very long long long time man." Okay la aku tipu jeee. Bukan semua orang rasa macam tu. But me yes. Kejap je kan 3 tahun tuuuu. Kepada those kawankawan yang tercinta going to sit for end of posting exam finale for this semester, SELAMAT MENDUDUKI EXAM. KURANGKANLAH MENONTON DRAMADRAMA KOREA, RUNNING MAN KE HAPE SEMUA YANG LAGHO TU. AM WISHING ALL OF YOU BEST OF LUCK ! Tak kira la posting Medicine, Ruban ke, OnG, Surgery or Paeds. Buktikan yang Batch Ketuat is the best batch ever. Lupakanlah semua musibah yang telah melanda. Jadikan ia sebagai pengajaran yang terindah dalam student life. Heeeee :)

In another 3 years time, di mana jangka masa adalah lebih kurang sama masa aku mula melangkah ke sini sehingga langkah yang tak terkira pada saat ini, my blog writing will be totally different from today post. Adakah aku akan menjemput korang semua ke kenduri kahwin aku ? Of course not. And impossible okay ! Things that am going to write is.. I am a Final Year Student going to sit for Professional Exam. Pray for me. InsyaAllah. Ewaaaaah. That is so poyo. *Harapmaaf.Siarantergendalaseketika* This is because of our superseniors just got their results last week. Congratulations to those yang excellent. Hope all of you will be succeed in your life as a houseman in your respective hospital. Please be a good role model for us to be proud of.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.


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