October 10, 2011

semangat baru

just have a relieve session with my idol. inspiring enough. hope from that it can change my ruined life to a normal life. new spirit. yeaaaayh. 

fokus on what i am doing. dont think of what people say. cause people won't stop talking. they also will not know what actually you going through. never.

You don't have to spend your life explaining or justifyng wyh you do something.If you like to do something and it is not hurting anybody else, that's pefectly okay.  ^_________^

semoga kesedaran ini kekal buat selamanya. no pint of turning back. if not, i am hurting myself, my family, my idol, my friends and all people around me who want me to succeed in my life. 

ya Allah, Kau bantulah hambaMu yang lemah ini. hanya kepadaMu aku meminta. aminnnn.

1 comment:

han1s said...

fair enough.since kau menjejakkan kaki di situs blog aku,aku pun sudi mencemar duli datang ke sini. haha~


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