May 17, 2011

mood sewel sudaaaa

A women that loves you
she's trying her best at love
following you like a shadow everyday
she's shout of her heart

how much longer do I
have to keep looking at you like this?
such miserable love
how much longer do I have to continue this for you to love me?

"Not being able to sleep and not eating is just a basic. Sleeping but waking up is a torture. Because you don’t know how to separate from someone you loved. You can’t even tell anyone else. You’re afraid that they will think of them badly. So you cry all by yourself.

The more and more you try to erase them, the longer the days get.
But the things that hurt the most , is that I don’t think they're even thinking of me. "

im kinda in secret garden mood now! aku bukan kaki korea okay. membe aku mana ada yang nak bagi aku copy cerita ni masa study dulu. alasan mereka, taknak aku addicted macam mereka. such a good friend kan? haha.

but now, sudah habis exam. so got it. yeayy/ tapi lambat gila aku tengok. orang lain sudah habis satu cerita, aku tak sampai setengah episod. what to do. anakanak baru belajar. haha


Anonymous said...

fiza what wrong? chill babe!

feeza_rashid said...

notink is wrong. im okay ja! hehe :))


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