May 28, 2011

this is an excitement

people will call this an experience. i rather says this is an excitement. as excited as meeting a new boyfriend. haha. usually we are provided cultured bacteria ready madely by our lab assistant of our faculty. what we have to do is just we have to sit in our group and study to recognize the organism which are already known by the microbiologist's lecturer.

but this time, my group and I try to get more advance lah kononnya. try to catch up some organism yang no one knows what it is from a particular pool. we do a study guided by our lecturer to determine the species of the organism. several steps have been done this whole week. actually it has to extend. but for some reasons, we made it in a week only.

we learned how to isolating an organism from the specimen. next, culturing the organism on its agar and tubes. wait for a 24 hours, come back to the lab on the next day and hoping that the organism will grow. everyday we got a suprise. for every excitement, there will always be a dissapointment. not all organism will grow on the specific agar. sebab tak sesuai with it environment lah.

gram staining is a must. yes i know my friends semua know how to do gram stain kan. tak susah pun. tapi buat gram stain pastu have to confirmed it by yourself either it postive or negative under the microscope tu yang susah. sometime looks like purple, then pink pulak. haish. pening. so we glad our supervisor guide us to succeed our objectives. yeayyy.

there's some more procedure we have done. serious it is much more. other lab test which are much more complicate and kena handle with care pulak tu. my eyes cant stand anymore front of lappy. so that's all :)

 p/s: tak senang rupanya kerja abang lab dengan akak lab tu. nampak je macam senang lenang masa kita tengah buat experiment. rupanya dah macammacam they all prepared before that. thanks to them. because of them, kita nak reach third year. auw auw :)

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