December 14, 2010

it's begin with me, us!

hai semua!!!
curi masa kejap sebelum siapkan soalan practical esok.
kejap je!!

nak citer ni
last weekend berlangsung aktiviti
ITS BEGIN WITH ME by my faculty.
program ni nak teach us as a medical doctor not to stigmatized patients those with AIDS.

we should actually care for them because almost of them dying due to loneliness rather than the virus itself.

the program was held by students.
so kira hebat jugak lah student medic UiTM ni dalam melaksanakan program macam ni. tambahan pulak it is actually a national punya program.

next year ade grand finale pulak.
masa tu combine a semua unversiti yang join program ni.
such as UPM, IMU n USM.

 started with aerobic
rajin betul dorang ni bangun pagi.
thanks for welcomed!

registration counter.
im seated here.

Q&A question by experienced doctor

 there's also games for joy

 exhibition corner.
learn about AIDS

preparation for opening ceremony by 'mama'

 part of the 'AJKs"
supposed there are 24.
they have job to be done.
so tengok kitorang je la yew.

all are settled!

remove all your stigma for AIDS patient. they need your help, your love to continue their life.
they wont transmit disease through touch, hug, shaking hand and even sharing foods.

that's all..

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